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TV Schedules (or, What Little It Can Take to Make Me Cry)

So every day, The Middle comes on after Boy Meets World. It goes 1hr 8 Simple Rules, 2hrs Reba, 2hrs Boy Meets World, 2hrs The Middle. For now at least. A while ago it used to be something like, Full house, 8 simple rules, reba, that 70s show. So they change it like twice a year. Whatever.

My point is, I get so used to the schedule that I get irrationally upset when they play a movie instead of their regular tv schedule. I was expecting The Middle, and when I realized what was going on (which was not right away, of course) I nearly cried before rationalizing my way out of it. I can’t imagine what that might do to someone who lives off of schedules, like a poor autistic kid. Poor autistic kid’s parent, too, for having to explain that sometimes they change the schedule without telling anyone. I know how you feel, little buddy. I want my show too.

I never even liked The Middle that much. I guess it grew on me or something.


PS my haphazard capitalization and punctuation skills are because I have Carpal Tunnel, and typing with a brace is really hard and the pain is enough to make me not care about that stuff right now. Not enough to stop me from using that hand to type anyway, though, because that’s what a normal/smart person would do.


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College is for suckers.

Technology is being integrated with college classes a lot lately. I hear people complaining about MyMathLab all the time (and trust me, I dealt with that one too.) But what I’m dealing with right now is discussion boards, where NOBODY EVER DISCUSSES until the last second. I’ve had a few classes with this, and no matter the age group my class is into, they never do a goddamn thing.

We have a time frame where we have to discuss the topic and then comment on other people’s thoughts, and it’s surprisingly hard to comment on things when I’m the only one talking. Normally, I wouldn’t give a crap, but if they don’t talk, I can’t comment, and then I never fulfill the requirements and it affects MY grade. MINE. DON’T MESS WITH MY GRADES. IT’S PRACTICALLY THE ONLY THING I HAVE GOING FOR ME. I can do school, I can take tests, I can write papers, but for the love of god, don’t make my grade dependent on interacting with people who don’t seem to exist online!

One day I will take over the world and strangle everyone who makes their students do this shit.


PS: I have class in 6 hours. 6 hours left for you to start  talking, bitches.

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