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Wiggity, Wiggity Wack.

I’m sick. Sore throat, coughing, hacking, my voice is suddenly very low and raspy. My mom was like look Minnie Mouse is gone! I asked her if I sound sexy now and she said yes. Thanks mom. 😉

But forreal. It sucks. So in April, my mom got sick, then my sister, then my dad, then my sister again, and she got so sick that she developed an ear infection and had to take antibiotics for it and it was kind of hilarious.

HOWEVER. Because she took those anti’s, her immune system was lowered, and she got sick again (mildly this time) with a cold or some such, and SHE GOT ME SICK. I LIVED IN THAT HOME WITH THREE SICK PEOPLE AND DID NOT CATCH A THING, AND I GET SICK NOOOOOW? Give me a break.

But I’ve been so sick the past two days that I missed my scheduled pill times and now I’m off. I don’t like it because I am already off (usually) because I don’t fill the scripts the same day, I do it later when I can get to walmart because it’s the closest place that takes medicaid. No big deal. But now I’m like a whole week off from my appts. It’s minor. It’s minor. I know.  But holy hell does that bother me.

This post is all over the place, I’m sorry. But back to me being sick. It’s a little funny because not taking the Vyvanse for two days in a row made me sort of instantly irritable and I was like overreacting to everything and my family was like literally cleaning up after me. At one point, I was scooping some green beans up on to my plate to eat and one fell on the floor and I was just this dramatic, devastated person. Like it sent me over the edge and I was about to cry because everything was awful and my sister is like “It’s okay, sissy it’s okay, it didn’t even happen, see? No bean on the floor. It didn’t even happen.” She picked it up and threw it away while I was busy cursing everything in my life.

My family is so patient.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me where I accidentally turned into a mermaid.

Mermaid hair nails oops

I mean, look at that hair. Those nails? TOTALLY MERMAID HAIR AND NAILS.


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Erin-ness (Kat-Erin?) THE GIRL ON FIRE

picstitchIt looks even brighter in the sun. I LOVE IT. MUCH BETTER. I’m gonna take even more pictures to show how fucking bright it is!

Also here’s the results of my totally awesome henna tattoo I gave myself and let flake off naturally:


I had to edit that picture to even get you to see that there is a slight orange tint on my skin. Note to self: The mix you choose to use for your hair will not stain your skin as much, because you decided lemon juice was too much for your already damaged hair. You dumbo.

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Here’s the Roundup

So. It’s May. I have since been upped to 60mg of Vyvanse. I think it’s really working. I take it in combination with 50mg Zoloft and I no longer have any irritability issues. I also haven’t had any problems with my stomach or anything. Still steadily losing weight, and my Dr is definitely going to say something soon, which is soooo upsetting. I like being thinner!

I still have my ups and downs with depression, but it’s not as often as it used to be, so I think I’m getting better. I really just need things to do, otherwise I feel useless and just beat myself up.

Anxiety is still being managed with Klonopin and it’s still kind of out of nowhere.

I can’t hear anything. Heh. It’s happened before; for like 1-2 weeks, my ears just decide they only want to work at half-speed and so I’m going around all “What? WHAT? Wait are you talking? Crap. Wait say that first part again? I didn’t know you were talking to me,” And so on. They don’t feel any different than normal. Nothing is changed, but now I can’t hear as well and in a week or so it’ll suddenly clear up and whatever. It’s super bizarre. Not bizarre enough for me to go to the doctor for it though! Bleh.

So here I sit, with another 20 pounds of henna on my head to fix/enhance the first batch. I used a different recipe too. And I made more, but I ended up with leftovers, but not enough for another application so I stuck it in a bottle (and also used a toothpick) and drew a design on my arm.


It’s so bad! Hahahahah I am definitely not a henna artist.


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Excuses, Excuses (But I really do have a plan in mind)

I know I said I would resume posting regularly again, but I decided to wait for this last appointment of April here and then I could give you a big ‘ole round-up of what’s been going on. It’s tomorrow, so even though I know you are all so desperately waiting on me (heh) I’ll be posting my experiences again soon.

Until then, have this picture. I call it: stop yelling at yourself

FullSizeRender copy

The picture is very grainy because I am too impatient to find the best light settings on my iPhone so I just picked one and said fuck it, you can see me, you can see the sky, you can see enough basic details, we’re good.

I will also tell you that I have since henna-ed my hair after that picture was taken and It Is Quite Bright. Also, it is incredibly difficult to do and it smells terrible and I had a headache from the smell of it plus twenty pounds of goop on my head for several hours. And as usual, the same spots I always miss (OR INSANELY don’t seem to take ANY hair color) are still dark blonde. So once this oxidizes I am going to do a small “retouch batch” to fix these spots. And I think next tome I won’t use any lemon juice. Or maybe just a tiny amount. My hair was already very damaged because I dye it a lot, but it feels dry as hell right now. Need to get to some deep conditioning, yo.

Fortunately I never feel better than when I am a redhead so the brightness doesn’t bother me. I just need to get used to the henna process, fine-tune my method for what works best for me.

PS: I think I accidentally splatter-henna-ed some more freckles on my arms. Hahaha! 🙂

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Whoever told the internet that you could foil your own hair no problem is making a lot of money.

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST/HAIR-COLORIST. Everything in this post is based on my own 10 years of hair-dying experience. DO NOT go directly from this post to the store, do more research if you plan on “professionally” dying your own hair. Be prepared to fuck up. I’m serious. Be prepared for something to go wrong, and you either accept it or head to the salon for a fixin’. 

So I was doing something pretty “basic” to my own hair. I say basic because I was not highlighting my entire head, and most of what I was doing was getting covered by hair anyway. A bit of a twist on peek-a-boo highlights. So on the crown of my head, I had created a star shape. Twist it out of the way, and outline the star in pale blonde. (My next step was to dye the whole thing red, I haven’t done it yet.)

But that’s it, just outline the star in foils. Ohohohohohohoooooooo, no, not so simple. Even after watching videos, and reading pages and pages of step by step tutorials, I come to the realization that this is nigh impossible to do on your own head! Holy crap. But I’d already started, so I needed to finish it. I’m just lucky I had picked something that was getting covered up anyway, because if I was trying to actually highlight my hair with foils I would have been in deep shit, and I would have needed to go to a salon to fix it.

DO NOT take the internet’s word for it. They will tell you it is simple enough, but it is NOT. The foils move, if your hair is long enough you’ll have a surprising amount of trouble fitting the rest of it on the foil (which will cause the foil to move), even with mirrors you can’t see the back of your head well enough to do something as simple as an outline.

It took me so long, I ended up taking some foils out before they were finished because even though the ends had not reached the right color, my hair was going to fall out. I know my old box bleach maximum time was something like 90 minutes, but this was 60 minutes and I had left it in longer than that just trying to finish all the foils in the first place. I didn’t even end up getting them right.

It’s not like this is my first foray into “professional” style hair dying. I’ve got a couple of box hair dyes left over for emergency fixes, but for a few years now most of my hair dying has been me at Sally’s, picking out colors and bottles of developer, etc. I’ve even done strange patterns where you follow “Zone 1” “Zone 2″ Zone 3”, and each zone is a different shade. I’m pretty experienced with this (without being an actual hairstylist) because mostly I don’t care what my hair looks like. I have been blessed with a skintone that will accept nearly every shade of hair, and when things get funky looking (I once had a blonde go wrong and left me with bright orange hair and white roots. Yep), I just keep them and say whatever now I look edgy and bad-ass as hell.

SO WITH THAT BEING SAID, here are my friendly tips:

  1. IF you are going to be attempting highlights (foil or not) skip the bleach. Bleach works fast, it’s easy to screw up, and after you bleach you need a toner on top. Unless you were going for highlights that are yellow… weirdo. :/
  2. In place of bleach, pick out a blonde that fits your skintone AS WELL AS fits your current hair (light ash, light golden, light neutral, etc.) You’re going to walk into Sally’s (or your local beauty supply store) and pick out little boxes of color. Some are creme, some are liquid. They will look something like this.

    Hair Dye examples

  3. Part 1: Next grab a bottle of developer. Try to use the same brand as the box of color you picked. They’re made to work with each other, so use the same brand as much as possible. It’s certainly okay to use a different brand if you really want to/need to, but if you can, just don’t even bother. Another note: NEVER NEVER EVER mix two different brands of developer together. I DON’T CARE IF THEY SAY THEY ARE THE SAME VOLUME. You cannot guarantee they are the same formulation, and why bother risking it on your hair? Anyway, developer looks like this.

    developer volumes
    Part 2: Okay so you see how they say different volumes? That does not refer to how much is inside the bottle. Instead, it means how much color will lift out of your hair, and how quickly. 10 Vol means it will be lifting almost nothing and pretty much just depositing color. Perfect for if you are going darker, nothing else. I’ll give some examples for novice hair dyers.

    1. Say you are a natural light blonde, and you want some platinum highlights. If you used a 40 Vol developer, you hair will lighten so quickly you might not be done highlighting the rest of your hair! In this example, I would recommend using a 20 or 30 Vol developer. It will lift your hair to your desired level, but slowly enough to let you get through your whole process.
    2. Say you are a natural medium brunette, and you want some natural looking highlights. If you used a 40 Vol developer, it would get you there quickly, but probably too quickly. At this volume, you risk unknowingly leaving it in your hair too long, and you will be left with strange blonde (if you’re lucky, orange if you’re unlucky) streakiness in your hair instead of nice pretty highlights. In this example, I would recommend using 20 Vol developer and wait wait wait. It is better to use a lower volume and have the process take longer than to use a higher volume and risk ruining your hair so that you need professional fixing. In addition, as a brunette, I wouldn’t recommend using blonde highlights at all. The lightest you should use is a “dark blonde”, otherwise I’d stick with the “2-3 shades lighter” you always hear.

What’s that? Your pretty highlights didn’t turn out how you thought? You’re left with yellow pieces in your hair?

TONER TONER TONER. You can do this one of two ways. First, you can use a demi-permanent blonde in a lighter shade than your highlights because demi-permanents are deposit only. If you use a matching shade or darker, you WILL darken your entire head of hair.

Second, you can use an actual toner. They are boxes just like the professional hair dye ones, only these say TONER on them. This will be best if you’ve tried to go platinum and it didn’t get all the way there. Also, they’re just nice and easy to mix if you want two different toners in your hair. Easy-peasy.

Toning your hair should be fast. I’m talking 5 minutes, 10 absolute maximum. You are risking turning your hair purple or blue or green while you tone if you go any longer than that. This is why when you tone, you typically apply it to your entire head. It’s easy, It’s kind of like shampooing, but in sections. You’d take a large section of hair, quickly plop some toner on it, rub it through to make sure it’s all coated, then move on to the next section. When I tone, at the end, I typically use the left over mixture to massage throughout all my hair, really making sure I am getting everything. I know there’s other toners out there, but Wella toners are probably the most common (outside of using demi-permanent to tone) and that’s all I’ve ever used. Here’s an example.


That’s it! Everything I’ve said also applies to full head applications. Instead of just picking out where you want to highlight, you would apply all over your head, using your normal method (bottle, bowl and brush, whatever). So here’s hoping any of you adventurous types can learn from my mistakes. Good luck, and don’t forget the deep conditioner!

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