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In descending order, I give you: Why I’ve Been Gone for Basically a Month.

  1. Here’s the thing about living in-between mountains. Any and all service is completely unreliable. Cell phone service? Internet? Television? Don’t count on it. Don’t rely on it. Make sure you have other things you can do at all times because you never know if you will have service.
    1. My point is, for our wonderful mountain valley, the internet went out for everyone in roughly a 20 mile radius. I mean, it’s like the internet was deleted for everyone. You couldn’t get it through cable, satellite… other common methods…People couldn’t even connect to the internet using their 3G/4G/etc. service on their phones. Occasionally you’d hear about someone getting service on their phones and it’d be dial-up-era slow.
  2. After nearly two weeks, the internet got fixed. I don’t know how, I don’t even understand how it was gone, but it was fixed. Well, this outage fell during our pay the bills time and since we didn’t actually have internet, my mother was not reminded to pay the bill. (And we were kiiind of behind on that to begin with.) So when it came back, we hadn’t paid, and we still didn’t have internet.
  3. My phone doesn’t actually have a data plan. I’ve never been able to use my phone for internets unless there was wifi available for me.
  4. Lastly, by the time our internet was reinstated, I’d fallen out of habit of blogging. I’d sit in bed and think huh, I could be blogging right now, but I wouldn’t get up and do it because once I break a habit, it is incredibly hard to get back into the swing of things.


Here’s a screenshot of my phone right now. I’m sitting in my room and it says I don’t have cell service. There’s no reason for this! I don’t have a dead spot in my room, I normally have full range in my apartment. Mountains just suck.

Regular posts to begin again. I promise. Well, I promise I’ll try.


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It’s Freaking Ash Wednesday Already. I missed everything.

I accidentally ended up on twitter an hour ago and I found out it’s Ash Wednesday. I saw it in the trending section. My thoughts were as follows:

“Ash Wednesday? It’s not Ash Wednesday yet, I don’t get it.”

“It’s Ash Wednesday, holy shit.”

“Wait that means I missed Mardi Gras, that’s so sad!” (Not that it’s anything celebrated in my town. But I like to acknowledge it, I guess.)

“Ohhh, that’s why Rio Carnival was happening, I thought that was really early.”

“At least Easter’s not in March this year, I hate that.”

This is what happens when I’m not outside. Even when I spend all day inside, on the internet, I NEVER know when holidays are. If I am not out, doing things, I lose complete track of when holidays are. It’s so weird. I’m… I’m like completely sort-of “narrow-minded” on the internet, I don’t stray from my regular sites, and so I never come across people talking about what day it is. Even Google today. I couldn’t even count on Google to tell me what day it was. You know the Google Doodles that tell you something special about that day. Today’s is Google Doodle Ash Wednesday

Alessandro Volta’s 270th birthday. Which is cool and all, but it didn’t tell me what today was. And now I feel like an oblivious idiot because everything was going on around me and I’m just sitting here like “la la la,  ooh, fun internet, nothing to do, paint my nails, waiting on these pills to make my brain settle, all about me, la la la la la laaaaa!”

I mean, it’s not like I even celebrate this stuff. My grandma is catholic, my mom is… well she was last baptized Mormon I believe… and I have no idea what denomination my dad is. My point is that no one in my family (that we associate with [I can’t believe I actually said that but the family drama on my mom’s AND dad’s side… yeesh]) actually goes to church or actually associates themselves as being anything other than “Christian”, and for my dad, sister and I even that is pushing it. The three of us are literally only “Christian” in that we happen to celebrate those holidays. I think my dad half-believes in God and all that, but my sister and I don’t, currently. So it’s really a matter of which holidays do we want to celebrate, which holidays do we want to give presents during when we have kids… etc.

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